Technology Innovations to Inspire a Better Healthcare System

We are working across the industry to deliver healthcare innovations that help our customers flourish.

Practical innovation, integrated solutions, and problem solving at scale

The healthcare industry is increasingly looking to find improvements by leveraging new technologies. However, technology is only innovative when it adds value. The Intelligent Healthcare Platform enables Change Healthcare to rapidly drive innovation across our portfolio of solutions and deliver technology that can leverage our immense network and data stores.

Change Healthcare champions innovation though our unified platform that will help reduce costs and improve outcomes as the industry evolves into a smarter more integrated system.

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Innovative Solutions to Healthcare's Biggest Problems

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company, focused on insights, innovation and accelerating the transformation of the healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare platform. We provide data and analytics-driven solutions to improve clinical, financial, administrative, and patient engagement outcomes in the U.S. healthcare system.

Our platform and comprehensive suite of software, analytics, technology enabled services and network solutions drive improved results in the complex workflows of healthcare system payers and providers by enhancing clinical decision making, simplifying billing, collection and payment processes, and enabling a better patient experience.

Increasing Efficiencies Using AI

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify inefficiencies and drive them out of administrative processes in the healthcare system allowing better outcomes and enabling the same work to be done faster and with significantly lower costs, For example, with the revenue cycle, AI can identify an issue and flag a claim before it is denied- one of many solutions we are working on to bring AI innovation to the revenue cycle.

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Blockchain Networks in Healthcare

Blockchain technology can help improve the efficiency, transparency, and security of the data reconciliation activities that plague the healthcare system. In January 2018, we launched the one of the first enterprise-scale blockchain network in healthcare, allowing customers to track claims submissions and remittances in real time.

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Price Transparency Compliance

By January 1, 2021, hospitals must publish a machine-readable file of their standard charges for items and services, as well as payer-specific negotiated rates for 300 common shoppable services. As patients have long demanded a more consumer-friendly approach to healthcare pricing, the CMS Price Transparency Final Rule offers hospitals an opportunity to both satisfy patients and drive collections by complying with these new regulations.

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Accelerating Health IT Interoperability

Due to an interconnected and market-neutral position, Change Healthcare is at the forefront of accelerating clinical interoperability for all. We help improve patient outcomes by providing scalable, secure, and portable interoperability services that leverages our Intelligent Healthcare Network™––one of the largest clinical and financial healthcare networks in the U.S.

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Improving Healthcare Consumer Experiences

From our unique position at the center of the healthcare ecosystem, we offer products and services to help our customers create meaningful consumer experiences. As healthcare consumers shoulder more of the financial burden for care, their expectations for quality experiences intensifies.

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Advancing the Use of APIs in Healthcare

As healthcare transitions to value-based care and consumerism, APIs will be foundational to new solutions across healthcare IT. At Change Healthcare, we know that simply having APIs is not enough. To make APIs true solution enablers for healthcare, they must be treated as products, and approached with a strategic, product-focused mindset.

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