Evolving to a Digital Experience in Healthcare

From our unique position at the center of the healthcare ecosystem, we offer products and services to help our customers create meaningful consumer experiences. As healthcare consumers shoulder more of the financial burden for care, their expectations for quality experiences intensifies. Adopting best practices pioneered in the financial services, hospitality, and retail sectors will help healthcare deliver patient and member experiences that retain and attract consumers.

*"The Real Reason Loyalty Lacks in Healthcare." Becker's Hospital Review. Vol. 2017. No. 6, 2017.



Innovating to Improve the Consumer Experience in Healthcare

The healthcare industry's shift to value-based care coupled with growing consumerism makes it critical to deliver a retail-like experience that will both retain and attract patients and members. While payers and providers strive to be more consumer-centric to meet consumers' expectations, there are significant obstacles to overcome. Creating the seamless user experience and the high-quality service level consumers want is often challenging due to disparate data systems. When data operates in silos, it forces consumers to interact with multiple systems, creating an inefficient, often-frustrating experience.

At Change Healthcare, we hold a place in the industry that is unique. As one of the largest independent healthcare IT companies in the United States, we see a lot. Serving payers, providers, and consumers, we leverage our centricity and work with multiple platforms to help providers, and payers ensure an outstanding digital experience for patients and members. This requires a deep understanding of the healthcare consumer's perspective.

We've dedicated countless hours to identifying consumers' biggest pain points in the health system––completing hundreds of interviews, synthesizing tens of thousands of need statements, and cultivating insights that we believe can revolutionize healthcare through meaningful consumer experiences.

The next step is sharing our healthcare consumer insights with payers and providers so they can benefit from these learnings to build a patient digital experience suited for the world of value-based care.


Consumer-reported pain points during our three-year study*


mentioned being treated as an incident, not a person


Stated lack of personalization


Said too much responsibility, not enough resources

Latest Consumer Experience Insights

*Source: Change Healthcare-conducted patient research, Out of 685 synthesized needs and pain points collected across three consumer discovery research initiatives involving access issues