The Intelligent Healthcare Platform

Practical innovation, integrated solutions, and problem solving at scale

Our industry is facing a systemic shift. Transformation is required to change the healthcare system for the better—and the evolution is already in progress.

We created the Intelligent Healthcare Platform to help our customers solve their current challenges with the full range of our technical capabilities embedded into our solutions. By building consistency, continuity, and scalability across our solutions, this enterprise platform will not only help today’s customers improve operational efficiency, decision-making and patient outcomes, but it will also enable innovation as our healthcare system evolves.

The Intelligent Healthcare Platform powers our unified portfolio of solutions. This enterprise platform enables new levels of collaboration, offers secure data analysis and intelligent insights, and a common experience across solutions that enables our customers to consolidate vendors, improve workflow, reduce time and inefficiencies and explore true product innovation.

Here's how.

Leverage our unparalleled, neutral Network

The Intelligent Healthcare Platform lets our customers leverage our neutral position at the center of healthcare through our Intelligent Healthcare Network.™ Representing 14 billion clinical, financial, and operational transactions and $1 trillion in claims data, this cloud-based network supports an unparalleled transaction volume and is one of the largest in healthcare today.

Optimize value-based care and engagement with Data Intelligence

The Intelligent Healthcare Platform enables data to be transformed to provide new and improved insights through our Data Intelligence capabilities.

All of our data assets are combined into a single, holistic data store, with data and access rights management applied throughout the data lifecycle. This managed data store lets customers securely query, analyze, and visualize large volumes of data. Customers can use the resulting insights to support reduced costs, improved engagement, and facilitate effective care delivery.

Data Intelligence also offers applied technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, that help customers establish efficient cross-industry workflows to increase transparency and reduce costs.

Scale growth and increase value with Interoperability and Analytics

The Intelligent Healthcare Platform offers payers and providers unparalleled value, ranging from integration and collaboration opportunities for better decision-making to improved analysis and insight.

Our independent position means that many business-specific capabilities are interoperable and scalable. Our customers can generate product innovation, decrease development costs, and fuel their own business growth.

Accelerate adoption and strengthen workflow with improved Experience

With cohesive features like single sign-on and consistent navigation, the Intelligent Healthcare Platform gives customers a seamless user experience across our unified portfolio. Our APIs and Services Connection provide customers with accelerated onboarding, increased speed of adoption, and improved workflow efficiencies.

As a part of our Change Healthcare Community, customers can share their expertise with their peers, trading insights and discussing product and industry benchmarks.

This collaboration helps our customers to expedite problem solving, support population health, advance quality measures, and improve patient outcomes.

Accelerating Your Journey

With the Intelligent Healthcare Platform powering our solutions, we're helping our customers tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare with increased collaboration, practical innovation, and problem solving at scale.