Price Transparency in Healthcare

Hospitals must publish their standard pricing online, including the gross charge for each service, the payer-specific negotiated charge, discounted cash price, and the minimum and maximum negotiated charge. Inpatient and outpatient locations and pricing differentials must be identified, and all billing and accounting codes provided. All charge data must be included in a comprehensive, machine-readable file. 

To help consumers more easily compare costs for common services, hospitals must also produce a consumer-friendly list of shoppable service bundles. The pricing for both the primary service and all related ancillary services should be included with each grouping. 

of consumers avoid seeking healthcare because they don't know how much it will cost1

1 2020 Change Healthcare - Harris Poll Consumer Experience Index, 13 July 2020

Beyond Simple Compliance

At Change Healthcare, we see cost transparency mandates as an opportunity to improve the consumer experience and instill greater trust across the healthcare ecosystem.  From our unique vantage point working with both payers and providers, we know that billing and payment experiences are among the primary drivers of patient dissatisfaction.

We believe that hospitals can address these governmental price transparency requirements in a way that differentiates their business from the competition. Up-front pricing transparency can foster an improved patient/provider relationship and reduce financial risk for both parties.  

The new regulations are merely a first step on your digital transformation journey, as they provide the impetus necessary to embark upon necessary retail healthcare initiatives. By offering patients the quality data and personalized pricing information they need to compare providers and services, hospitals can secure patient loyalty, drive patient acquisition, and improve the care experience.  

Providing patients with their specific costs for a given procedure—rather than simply a line item list price—is an empowering act that ultimately increases utilization. 

Change Healthcare’s Clearance Estimator Patient Direct and Shop Book and Pay™ solutions provide consumers with an accurate estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses at or before the point of service. We help you comply with pricing transparency regulations while building a retail-style healthcare shopping experience to exceed your patients’ expectations.



of patients want to shop for healthcare entirely online2


of patients say their healthcare bills are  more complex than a mortgage payment3


patients have gone to an appointment without knowing if they could afford it4

2 2020 Change Healthcare - Harris Poll Consumer Experience Index, 13 July 2020
3 Ibid.
4 Ibid.

Our Price Transparency Solutions

Healthcare eCommerce platform for providers

Comply with CMS price transparency regulations and create a digital storefront for your organization featuring your providers and facilities. Show only the prices for a single provider, or show prices for all providers associated with a hospital network.

Learn how drive revenue with healthcare ecommerce


Patient-facing financial responsibility estimation tool

Help meet CMS price transparency requirements with personalized out-of-pocket estimates. Provide a tool on your website that allows patients to easily obtain cost estimates for common procedures and services. 

Offer cost transparency online to engage patients


Healthcare cost transparency for payers

Empower smarter choices and create engaged consumers with a tested and proven experience.

Help members understand their costs

End-to-end revenue cycle management software solution for physician practices 

Change Healthcare can help providers of all types who want to simplify workflows, reduce denials, optimize revenue, provide estimates, and improve patient engagement.

Price transparency for non-hospital providers


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