Hospital & Health System Solutions

We help hospitals and health systems enhance the patient experience, optimize revenue performance, and improve quality of care and workflows.

Helping Hospitals and Health Systems Transform

The need to improve healthcare delivery and optimize reimbursement

Hospitals and health systems are facing unprecedented pressure brought on by increased regulation and administrative burdens, skyrocketing patient payment responsibility, enterprise growth, and the impacts of quality metrics. At the same time, the rise of consumerism means patients are demanding more transparency and more options when it comes to their healthcare.

Change Healthcare provides health systems and their extended networks the expertise they need to successfully transition to value-based care despite these industry challenges. Our solutions help organizations address:

  • Risks of non-compliance and regulatory pressure
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Rising self-pay
  • Lack of enterprise visibility
  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Increased margin pressure
  • Interoperability

Improve operations and optimize revenue performance

We help hospitals and health systems streamline their processes and improve coordination across their networks so that they can run more efficiently and profitably. We provide a range of holistic solutions that help customers improve care coordination and productivity, optimize revenue performance and improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Our Intelligent Healthcare Network provides connectivity to more than 2,100 payers and thousands of other healthcare stakeholders including other providers, pharmacies, labs and extended-care organizations. This interconnected position helps us offer health systems the strategic expertise they need to profitably manage operations under healthcare reform, reduce margin pressure, and improve the overall patient experience.

We deliver solutions in a variety of methods – software, analytics, services, network connectivity, and enterprise imaging technology – designed to help you:

  • Enhance patient engagement and access
  • Optimize operational and clinical data and analytics
  • Improve clinical workflows and visibility
  • Ensure clinically appropriate care
  • Manage revenue and financial performance
  • Scale imaging IT infrastructure for growth

Featured Solutions for Hospitals & Health Systems

Accelerating Your Journey

With the Intelligent Healthcare Platform powering our solutions, we're helping our customers tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare with increased collaboration, practical innovation, and problem solving at scale.