One App to Manage All Your Medical Bills, and the APIs that Power It

Healthcare consumers are frustrated by the mix of medical bills they receive from multiple providers. Rachel Mertensmeyer started RexPay® to help consumers understand, manage, and pay all those medical bills in one place, through a simple smartphone app. But what consumers don't see when they use the app is something working behind the scenes: the Change Healthcare API & Services Connection, which helps power the solution.

On today's show, Serrah Linares, vice president of Partnerships at Change Healthcare, chats with Rachel about why she created the RexPay app, and how it’s helping consumers and providers make short work of managing their medical bills.

Here's what they talked about:

  • The 36 medical bills that led to RexPay app
  • Why the app is named after Rex the rescue dog
  • How providers and consumers use RexPay
  • The pressing need for a solution like RexPay
  • Awards, accolades, and grants earned by RexPay to date
  • How APIs bring RexPay and Change Healthcare technologies together
  • Why consumers are becoming more engaged in their healthcare finances
  • Consumer data: How to deliver it safely and effectively
  • How providers and consumers can connect with RexPay

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