Clock Ticks for Hospitals to Provide Price Transparency

Price transparency remains in the crosshairs for both providers and regulators. On today’s show Ann Gallagher and Corey Sturm review the latest news regarding the CMS’s Price Transparency Final Rule and discuss what’s next for providers come the Jan. 1, 2021 compliance deadline. They cover lessons learned about implementing price transparency at the state level and steps providers should be taking now to ensure compliance.

This episode features Change Healthcare’s Ann Gallagher, senior product manager of Patient Access, and Corey Sturm, product manager of Connected Consumer Health™ provider solutions.

They examine:

  • The backstory on CMS’s Price Transparency Final Rule
  • Where the regulation stands today
  • Which states are already implementing price transparency rules
  • Results of state efforts so far
  • Whether early efforts have succeeded or struggled, and why
  • States that might serve as models for other areas of the U.S.
  • Steps providers need to take to meet the regulation by Jan. 1st
  • Steps that are more challenging than others
  • Pitfalls to avoid when ensuring compliance
  • How the regulation can benefit providers
  • How providers can use the regulation as a point of differentiation
  • Recent Harris Poll research that documents why providers should embrace price transparency

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