What Do Healthcare Consumers Really Want?


What do healthcare consumers really want? Discover the importance of understanding the patient journey and creating meaningful customer interactions.

To improve the customer experience in healthcare, we must first determine what the healthcare consumer truly wants—and it’s often quite different than what we imagine.

Although the industry’s been talking about consumer-driven practices for at least a decade, healthcare is still in the dawn of its consumer era. Hospitals trying to provide a satisfactory digital patient experience are stymied by low adoption rates, while payers continue to struggle with the creation of valuable, member-friendly portals.

Mapping the Patient Journey

Change Healthcare conducted a three-year research study with hundreds of patients to better understand their consumer journey.

We found that a quality digital experience addresses the consumer’s needs, motivations, and abilities throughout the care journey. When consumers are encouraged to shop for a care experience, they are far less likely to delay care.

Our white paper, The Healthcare Consumer Experience, provides valuable insights into the care journey. By reducing the consumer’s burden while increasing capacity, your organization can better manage and meet consumer needs. Creating the opportunity for meaningful consumer experiences can drive patients to actively—and even eagerly—participate in their own healthcare.

In fact, we believe that the healthcare consumer’s experience with your organization is your biggest differentiator in today’s market. An excellent digital experience can contribute to a quality consumer journey before, after, and in between care encounters.

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