Health Consumer Insights: The Healthcare Consumer Experience

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Meaningful Consumer Experiences

At Change Healthcare, we pride ourselves on occupying a unique position at the center of the health ecosystem. Serving payers, providers and consumers, we leverage our centricity and work with multiple platforms to help providers and payers ensure an outstanding patient or member digital experience. That means we need a deep understanding of the healthcare consumer’s perspective.

For the past three years, we’ve dedicated thousands of hours to identifying the largest pain points in the health system for the most important stakeholders in this industry— healthcare consumers. Arming our researchers with frameworks dedicated to understanding the consumer’s experience, we’ve completed hundreds of interviews, synthesized tens of thousands of need statements and cultivated insights that we believe can inspire a better healthcare system.

The next step is sharing those insights with payers and providers so they can benefit from these learnings to build a patient digital experience suited for the world of value-based care.

What Do We Mean By Healthcare Consumer Experience Consumer Experiences

Healthcare Consumer is an intentional word choice.

To the payer, the consumer is a member. To the provider, the consumer is a patient. We think about the consumer differently. Not in terms of what they mean for our specific products and services, but who they are relative to the entire health ecosystem, a consumer of health goods and services.

But what exactly is the healthcare consumer journey? The consumer journey is individual. It’s a compilation of experiences getting a consumer from point A to point B.

Putting it simply, it’s made up of actions, needs and emotions which interact to make moments that matter.

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