Rebuilding Consumer Confidence, with special guest David Betts of Deloitte Consulting

Consumer expectations for a seamless digital health experience, coupled with healthcare's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, are accelerating the pace of the industry's digital transformation. On today's show, experts from Change Healthcare and Deloitte Consulting review the results of Deloitte research on COVID-19's impact on the healthcare consumer, along with Harris Poll research that reveals what today's consumer wants in a digital healthcare experience.

On today's show, Rick Preston moderates a discussion with panelists David Betts, principal for Life Sciences and Healthcare at Deloitte Consulting, and Bill Krause, vice president and general manager of Digital and Consumer Experience for Change Healthcare.

This show was produced as part of the Change Healthcare/Deloitte webinar series, The New Healthcare Essentials: Consumer Engagement, Interoperability, Virtual Care, and the Remote Workforce, which explores the four factors every healthcare organization must address to sustain and grow their business in the post-pandemic era.

The panel dives into:

  • Key findings from Deloitte’s survey
  • Research findings, surprises, and expected results
  • The increase in consumer agency
  • Stages of the healthcare journey where consumers are acting with greater agency
  • How well the health system empowered consumers during COVID-19
  • Healthcare decisions consumers feel confident in making
  • When consumers feel they lack information to make good decisions
  • Types of information missing from consumers’ decision making
  • The healthcare experience consumers really want
  • How healthcare measures up
  • Important opportunities to improve the consumer experience
  • Strategies to ease consumer access to healthcare
  • What prevents change in consumer health behavior
  • How payers can support members by providing a meaningful healthcare experience
  • Viability of a concierge-like experience
  • Role of the CMS price transparency rule in creating a better consumer experience

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