Reinventing Cardiovascular Workflows

As health system consolidation continues, cardiology HIT vendors are working to resolve interoperability and scalability challenges. With the influx of complex procedures and additional data points, clinical users are finding it more difficult to focus on their core mission: delivering excellent patient care.

On today’s show, Jessica Smith talks with Ori Garini, director of Product Management at Change Healthcare, about ongoing challenges within cardiology, how redundant data entry distracts from patient care, and the importance of anchoring system design to usability requirements.

Here’s what they covered:

  • How interoperability challenges complicate a workflow
  • Deriving actionable insights from cardiovascular workload data
  • Reducing TCO as facilities consolidate cardiovascular systems
  • The impact of confusing data entry requirements on clinician productivity
  • Limits of departmental best practices on workflow optimization
  • Technical advantages of a single database and single point of connectivity
  • EMR interoperability as a guideline for cardiovascular product development
  • How system design and infrastructure can drive operational efficiencies
  • Querying structured data during the daily procedural workflow
  • Benchmarking turnaround time data to isolate root causes of underperformance
  • Using analytics to pinpoint inefficiencies and close gaps
  • Anticipating emerging needs with an agile roadmap

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