Value-Based Care Transformation in the Midst of a Pandemic, with special guest John Wendling, CEO, Parkland Community Health Plan

Parkland Community Health Plan’s 2020 priority: transition to value-based healthcare. But a pandemic wasn’t in the plan. On today’s show, Bob Hoover talks with Parkland’s CEO John Wendling and consultant Joe McIntire to learn how, despite one of the most disruptive healthcare events in history, Parkland has been able to stay on track and meet its strategic goals. Their conversation reveals keys to collaboration and communication that enable the team to avoid delays, overcome complexities, and remain agile.

This episode features Bob Hoover, vice president of Change Healthcare consulting; John Wendling, CEO of Parkland Community Health Plan; and Joe McIntire, senior manager for Change Healthcare consulting.

Here's what they covered:

  • Parkland’s goals to support patients
  • Why Parkland is prioritizing these goals
  • How COVID-19 influenced Parkland’s value-based care strategy
  • Factors that drove Parkland to insource certain functions and change its business process outsourcing partner
  • Mitigating COVID-19’s impact on project performance
  • How Parkland anchors its services to its community
  • Criteria Parkland uses to choose an HIT partner
  • Overcoming remote access and work challenges
  • How Parkland measures success
  • Why Parkland’s transitions stands out among health plans
  • How to enable a smooth transition for health plan transformation

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