Patient Financial Clearance

A pre-service financial clearance solution for providers who want to accelerate reimbursement, reduce denials, and optimize workflows from registration through point-of-service collections.


What's included

  • Unlimited insurance eligibility verification checks

    • Connect with payers via X12/270/271 transactions and web portals
    • Identify Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO coverage
    • Get detailed benefit eligibility data
    • Access the patient data needed to appeal claim denials
  • Streamlined financial clearance workflow

    • Access patients’ complete financial clearance profile in one dashboard
    • Improve the accuracy of your registration data in real time
    • Help reduce duplicate data entry with HIS integration
    • Post payments collected at the point of service directly to your HIS 
  • Automated screenings and verification

    • Save time with automated pre-authorization
    • Help reduce denials with automated medical necessity checking
    • Reduce uncompensated care with an online charity-screening interview and enrollment form 

6steps to optimal financial clearance

Male nurse using tablet

Increase registration data accuracy

Help reduce denials and streamline reimbursement by identifying errors in real time.

Woman working at computer

Accelerate eligibility verification

Leverage broad payer connectivity to verify eligibility and demographic data, and to receive notifications of potential fraud and identity theft.

Doctor showing tablet to patient

Determine patients’ ability and inclination to pay

Use an automated financial-screening solution that predicts propensity to pay to help guide your staff in discussing payment options with patients. 

Two nurses looking at computer screen

Streamline pre-authorization and medical necessity workflows

Save time with automated pre-authorization and medical necessity checks, monitoring of approvals, and updates to your HIS.

Woman nurse looking at tablet

Boost your staff’s productivity

Enhance efficiency by using an intuitive, consolidated dashboard of patient benefit details and key data, including specialized Medicare and Medicaid views. 

man looking at smart phone

Improve patient satisfaction

Calculate your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses and provide a cost estimate to support price transparency, drive upfront collections, and help eliminate surprise billing. 

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