A complete portfolio of point-of-order clinical decision support solutions for hospitals and health systems that want to increase appropriate ordering and drive high-value care across the enterprise.

Help Improve Appropriateness and Control Costs

CareSelect aligns patient care models with evidence-based clinical standards to reduce care variation and improve ordering appropriateness. The foundation of our CareSelect solutions is our objective clinical content, which is sourced from leading medical specialty societies, including the American College of Radiology and Mayo Clinic. 

Our clinical decision support solutions offer seamless EHR integration, which allows hospitals and health systems to measure physician ordering against clinical criteria. By delivering point-of-order guidance, our solutions drive more appropriate, informed ordering decisions. 

CareSelect™ Imaging Access and CareSelect™ Imaging Open Access build on our core EHR integrations to enable widespread access to the tools needed for compliance with the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA).

Point-of-Order Decision Support 

Our complete portfolio of EHR-integrated decision support solutions provides clinicians with the guidance they need within their existing workflows. Our solutions use native EHR ordering workflows for advanced imaging, laboratory testing, and patient blood management. 

CareSelect™ Imaging 

Establish a standard of care and improve imaging appropriateness within existing EHR ordering workflows, supporting PAMA compliance.

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CareSelect™ Lab 

Benchmark and manage lab test utilization to reduce costs, improve care quality, and help manage financial risk.

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Access Options for EHRs and External Providers

We provide a variety of access and integration solutions to help ensure that all providers can efficiently consult imaging decision support. 

Our solutions enable widespread access to the tools providers need to comply with the requirements of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA).

CareSelect™ Imaging Access 

CareSelect™ Imaging Access offers integration solutions for smaller EHRs—typically ambulatory, CPOE, or RIS systems—to provide PAMA-compliant imaging decision support to their customers.

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CareSelect™ Imaging Open Access

Designed for providers (and their proxies) without integrated decision support,  CareSelect™ Imaging Open Access gives clinicians the opportunity to consult imaging criteria. Through a no-fee web portal, providers can generate the required data for a payable claim for all advanced imaging exams, as specified by PAMA.

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