InterQual® AutoReview

An automation solution for providers/care managers that want to leverage their EHR to complete InterQual medical reviews automatically, instantly, and accurately.

Transform Utilization Management

Reduce your administrative burden with automated medical reviews delivered right to your UM/CM workflow.

Increase trust and transparency with medical reviews that contain clinical values extracted directly from the EHR.

Improve care by enabling utilization review nurses to operate at the top of their license.

Enable real-time clinical decision-making that can potentially reduce inappropriate admissions and denials.

Get Integrated, Automated and Accurate Medical Reviews Right from your EHR

Integrated into your existing UM/CM workflow

  • As a flexible, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is integrated into leading EHR applications and case management systems, implementation is fast and easy.
  • Because case managers can see which patients have received reviews, they’re able to prioritize activities and focus on the exceptions that require their expertise.

Automated medical reviews with data from your EHR

  • Using the diagnosis as a guide, InterQual AutoReview extracts the necessary data from the EHR to conduct automated reviews and then map them to codified InterQual® criteria to create InterQual®  Episode Day 1 Review.
  • Medical reviews include the specific data used to satisfy each criteria point within the review. This provides transparency into the clinical evidence that the review is based on and helps reduce manual errors.
  • Auto-generated reviews can be transmitted to payers to provide greater trust and transparency in the review process.

Driven by InterQual® Criteria

  • InterQual® AutoReview leverages specially codified InterQual Criteria adapted to support the automated process.
  • InterQual® Acute Adult Criteria has been codified to enable InterQual AutoReview to determine the appropriate level of care for patients admitted in the ED, using real-time data extracted from the EHR.
  • Additional InterQual® Criteria will be codified to support other UM reviews. Contact us for more information about pending releases.

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InterQual® AutoReview

An automation solution for providers/care managers that want to leverage their EHR to complete InterQual medical reviews automatically, instantly, and accurately.

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