InterQual® Access Options

We offer a range of InterQual access options to meet any need, from desktop to mobile to cloud.

Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud Solutions for Viewing your InterQual Criteria

View (included with your InterQual license) – Use this convenient option for locally installed, reference-only access to InterQual. View features flexible print options, adjustable font sizes, informational notes, and citations.

Mobile (included with your InterQual license) – This mobile delivery option is designed for Android™ and iOS (Apple®) devices and provides a simple user interface for accessing the InterQual Level of Care Criteria. It is an installed solution that does not require a data connection to use.

Online – This cloud-based solution provides affordable access to InterQual Criteria through the web. The criteria are delivered in a reference-only format and in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Transparency – Give network providers access to InterQual Criteria in an intuitive, reference-only format via their provider portals. Physicians can simply log into the portal and click the link for InterQual Criteria. The criteria subsets appear in an easy-to-navigate screen display.

Interactive Medical Review Options also provide access to the criteria while streamlining the medical review process.

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