Customize InterQual® Criteria 

Incorporate custom content to more closely match your medical and business policies with the Customize tool.

Author Custom Policies and Guidelines and Integrate Them Alongside the InterQual® Criteria

As an InterQual customer, one of your goals is to help ensure the best care decisions. You might have invested in developing your own guidelines to address your specific organizational requirements.

The Customize tool combines the best of both worlds: it allows you to author your own custom policies and incorporate them into your InterQual access solution – either installed or online – so you can use them alongside the InterQual® Criteria in a single workflow. In addition, if a payer publishes custom policies to the online platform, a connected provider can access them in their workflow.


  • Intuitive interface — Provides an easy-to-use editing environment that allows authoring of custom criteria and enables the merging of content seamlessly into your workflow.
  • Secure authorship — Only the author can customize criteria, even when those criteria are shared with other organizations.
  • Consistent reporting — The use of custom criteria can be reported on in exactly the same way as the InterQual Criteria.
  • Policy visibility — Providers can see a payer’s custom policy when customized content is published to the cloud.

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