InterQual® Interactive Medical Review Options

Our Interactive desktop and cloud applications provide access to the InterQual Criteria and help streamline the medical review process.

Streamline the InterQual Medical Review Process with Desktop and Cloud Solutions

Our range of interactive desktop and cloud applications provide access to the InterQual Criteria and help streamline the medical review process.

Review Manager

This desktop application helps streamline the care review process by combining InterQual Criteria with an intuitive user experience, data management, and aggregated reporting. The easy-to-use interface and clearly defined workflows guide you through the criteria and allow you to prioritize reviews, add important information, and schedule follow-up reviews for a specified date. Organizations can electronically share medical necessity reviews internally, along with essential patient information (e.g., diagnosis codes and patient/member identifiers). Review Manager also features review transmission capabilities for sending authorization requests with the InterQual medical review to payers that have InterQual Connect.


Anonymous Review

This cloud-based solution provides the ability to perform an interactive InterQual review without specifying patient data. Users can copy the contents of the review to a clipboard and paste the contents to an internal documentation management system or generate a review PDF to save or print. This allows a review to be processed without revealing protected health information (PHI). Anonymous Review is an ideal solution for government organizations.

Available with InterQual Connect:

Medical Review Service

This integrated, cloud-based solution integrates into your existing UM/CM system to streamline the medical review process and enable the automation of the prior-authorization process. See InterQual Connect.

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