Clinical Exchange ePrescribe

An electronic prescription application for providers that want to save time and improve patient safety by connecting directly to pharmacies for secure prescription generation and routing.

Simplify Prescription Management

Help improve patient safety by securely generating and routing standardized electronic prescriptions. Reducing legibility errors helps minimize medication mistakes.

Connect physicians and physician networks to patients, payers, and pharmacies. Route prescriptions electronically along all healthcare touchpoints to support minimized patient wait times.

Incorporate e-prescriptions into your existing workflow. Software-as-a-Service delivery model interfaces with existing EHRs and practice management systems for nearly immediate access.

Help reduce Adverse Drug Effects (ADEs) via automated drug interaction checking. Drive improved patient safety with integrated drug-drug, drug-allergy, and duplicate therapy screening.

Reduce the volume of pharmacy/physician phone calls with clear electronic exchanges. An automated list of formulary alternatives helps providers initially prescribe the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate medicine.

Support electronic prescription of controlled substances (ePCS) with optional service. Provide electronic prescriptions for complex, compound medications, reducing multiple trips and increasing patient satisfaction.

Support Fast, Accurate Prescriptions

Speed Delivery with Integrated Prescription Management

  • Utilize a standard electronic format for all prescriptions, eliminating handwriting interpretation errors. Help reduce pharmacy/physician phone calls regarding non-covered drugs and prior authorizations.
  • Speed prescription process with three-click prescriptions and one-click renewal authorizations. Reduce patient and medical data entry time for pharmacy and physician staff.
  • Support greater formulary compliance with automated eligibility. Alternatives are displayed to help providers initially choose the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medication, preventing callbacks.
  • Connect to virtually all pharmacies nationwide. Interface with existing electronic health records and practice management systems for integrated prescription management.

Facilitate Increased Patient Safety and Satisfaction

  • Help reduce ADEs via automated drug interaction checking. The application provides integrated drug-drug, drug-allergy, and duplicate therapy screening to improve patient safety.
  • Provide information to improve care coordination and help your patients save money. Patients can receive prescription-specific coupons and education materials in real time, at prescription pickup.
  • Drive patient satisfaction by helping reduce the number of lost prescriptions. Eliminate trips to the pharmacy to drop off prescriptions, and lessen pharmacy wait times.

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