Consumer Payments &
Communications Services

We empower your member engagement efforts by facilitating member payments and enabling member communications.

Leverage Consumer Engagement Knowledge

Improve your member’s healthcare communication experience

Your members are becoming more “consumer-like” due to increasing member cost share. As a result, payers may need to adjust their strategy to include methods to:

  • Efficiently and effectively collect from members with individual policies
  • Communicate benefit information post-enrollment
  • Drive utilization of the member portal
  • Strengthen relationships with members and providers

Transform your member payment communications

Throughout the member’s healthcare experience, we provide our customers the tools that can improve engagement and adoption. We can engage members with their first Welcome Kits and ID cards. For members purchasing individual insurance, we make the premium payment experience easy and convenient. Further, we can help enhance the member portal experience by providing insight into member’s claims and their healthcare responsibility, and payment tools.

Member Engagement Innovation

Convenient Member Payments

Improve member payment experience

Transforming the member payment process requires offering a suite of consumer payment solutions that are sensitive to the desires of today’s member such as providing multiple payment options, using member-friendly language, and connecting with members digitally on their preferred platform. We can simplify the premium payment process and can help improve member digital engagement.

Change Healthcare is a payments leader in healthcare, processing over $1.5B in consumer payments annually

Improve Member Engagement

Engagement with Member IDs, Welcome Kits & EOBs

Our solutions help our customers transform legacy processes into meaningful engagement channels.

ID Cards and Welcome Kits –High-quality ID cards and welcome kits allow you to make the most of this critical stage of the member experience through personalized content that puts the member at the center of their healthcare world.

Color and Electronic EOBs – Differentiate your consumer experience with modern EOBs designed to optimize member understanding.

Member Payments

Facilitate member payments to providers

A key strategy for improving member portal utilization is adding healthcare financial transaction capabilities. Combining our technology with payer data as a source of truth for member responsibility, our solution provides members:

  • Insight into their healthcare utilization
  • Payment summaries and cost balances
  • Tools to pay quickly and conveniently

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