National Payments Connector Solution

A digital solution for providers to process payments and claims attachments with payers and patients using one partner and one simple solution.

Streamline Payment Workflow

Facilitate fast payments and enhance your cash flow by enrolling to receive electronic payments from payers and patients.

Enable a remote workforce with a 100% electronic payment and claim attachment workflow that eliminates paper and paper processes.

Save time and costs with automated electronic processes that eliminate the need for paper handling, follow up calls, and postage.

Enroll in less than ten minutes on our online portal, which connects you to more than 90 healthcare payers for electronic payments and submitting electronic claim attachments.

Streamline your workflow by submitting all claims attachments electronically to payers within the portal. Help ensure data is sent in accordance with each payer’s unique requirements and receive electronic confirmation.

Expedite patient payments by offering a convenient online payment option. Reduce administrative costs by eliminating paper billing statements and managing explanation of benefits (EOB) online.

Automate Your Payment and Claims Attachment Processes

Receive Electronic Payments (EFT)

Automatically receive electronic payments from payers via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and access digital electronic remittance advice (ERA), and explanation of payments (EOP) information.

  • Connect to one of the largest integrated medical networks in the country to receive electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments via our online portal. One enrollment connects you to 90+ payers.
  • Eliminate paper within your payment workflow to improve your office efficiency, facilitate faster payments, and help reduce payment processing time and costs.

Submit electronic claims attachments to payers

Streamline and simplify the submission of claims attachments by using our online portal to submit claim attachments to 90+ payers. Currently, 80% of attachments are sent manually by mail, fax, or email industry wide.1

  • Help ensure accuracy of claim attachments within the National Payments Connector portal and reduce the administrative time spent contacting payers to determine attachment requirements or to follow up on lost paper attachments.
  • Help lower costs and save time by giving your remote or on-site office staff access to a single, straight-forward payment process that reduces paper handling and postage.

Offer patients the convenience of paying online

Reduce payment lags by receiving electronic payments from patients directly deposited into your account.

  • Drive lower administrative costs with an electronic patient billing process. Reducing or eliminating paper billing statements and using a digital process allows you to efficiently manage patient payments and EOB online.
  • Enhance your patients’ financial experience by providing a convenient, digital way to pay their bills. Electronic payments help expedite patient payments and help reduce bad debt risk.

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