Payment Automation

A payment solution for healthcare providers who want to streamline and automate payment posting and remittance management.

Streamlined Payment Automation and Remittance Management

Streamline your healthcare payments and remittance management by integrating key processing functions into a single solution.

Get faster cash application with less manual effort by using Funds Verification to automatically match payments with remittance items from any paper or electronic source.

Increase revenue cycle accuracy by standardizing your remittances from a payer format to the provider-based format that your systems require.

Improve efficiency by using our private Healthcare Lockbox solution that sorts and processes inbound paper documents, including payments, remittances, zero-pay denials, and correspondence.

Help grow revenue and lower costs by using our EOB Conversion technology that converts your paper remittances into postable 835 files.

Accelerate the turnaround of your correspondence documents and help lower processing costs with a solution that separates true correspondence from zero-pay denials and EOBs without checks.

Accelerate and Automate Payment Postings

Automated payment and remittance processes

  • Efficiently sort and process inbound paper documents and streamline the variances and complexities of your healthcare documents and payments.
  • Improve your revenue cycle accuracy and eliminate the potential for human error by applying automation.
  • Reduce the manual clerical tasks and paper handling of your transactions to help lower your processing costs and accelerate the turnaround of your correspondence documents.

Increased accuracy

  • Automate and standardize daily processes to create accurate, complete 835 files that auto post at first-pass yields.
  • Eliminate the complexity of payers’ payment and remittance variables with technology and processes that are designed to ensure accurate payment processing.
  • Identify and research unmatched outliers to avoid unapplied cash and unposted remittances.

EOB conversion technology

  • Use our technology to convert your paper remittances to accurate, postable 835 files and eliminate manual payment posting.
  • Convert your remittances from payers into a format that meets your specific healthcare information system requirements. This allows you to route payment and remittance items from payers, banks, or providers directly through a single portal.
  • Receive the data on your non-payment paper transactions to the patient level and in a format that can be integrated into your online workflow.

Change Healthcare has earned HITRUST CSF® Certification status for this solution. Learn more here.

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