Care Cost SE

A healthcare shopping solution for providers that enables the automated delivery of shopping carts to patients for improved pre-service collections, medical price transparency, and care compliance.

Automate Shoppable Care Bundles

Customize pre-service pricing using patented bundling technology that makes medical procedures transparent, shoppable, and instantly transactable. Build single-bill shopping carts for effortless healthcare shopping.

Provide patients with personalized pricing data before care is delivered. Streamline patient payment processing by accepting credit cards, CareCredit financing, or FSA/HSA/HRA cards at checkout.

Collect patient responsibility earlier and more efficiently by moving patient collections to the front of the revenue cycle. Pre-payment options help you reduce the cost to collect while improving your patients’ experience.

Automate shopping cart delivery based upon data-driven triggers such as referral orders, scheduling events, and discharge orders. Generate incremental volume by encouraging proactive care choices.

Support care compliance with automated outreach to at-risk populations; for example, send diabetic patients quarterly carts populated with an A1C test visit to encourage the completion of needed testing.

Capture new revenue and decrease network leakage by increasing service utilization, attracting new patients, and improving patient engagement with proactive omni-channel communications.

Support Pre-Payment and Cash Collections

Seamless Medical Procedure Bundling

  • Provide patients with a retail healthcare experience by bundling all services for an episode of care together to create one purchasable procedure. Patients can shop for care just as they shop for retail goods and services.
  • Our bundling technology enables seamless, behind-the-scenes payment coordination across providers. There are no surprise bills for your patients—just immediate transparency into their out-of-pocket cost.
  • Offer your patients flexible, competitive cash-pay pricing in exchange for immediate up-front payments. Provide medical price transparency with transactable bundles.

Pre-Service Patient Collections

  • Collect revenue in the most efficient manner possible. By enabling pre-service patient collections, your organization can save time and reduce the cost to collect self-pay balances at the back end.
  • By engaging patients throughout the patient journey, Care Cost SE can help decrease leakage by demystifying the care experience for patients.
  • Grow revenue by enabling online patient payments through several convenient options, including cash discounts, credit and debit cards, health savings accounts, monthly auto-payments, or financing via Care Credit.

Better Patient Outcomes

  • Increase the percentage of patients who are following up on their care plans by automating the delivery of shopping carts, pre-populated with the tests or services that an individual patient needs.
  • Customize the communications patients receive. Automated, omni-channel outreach can be triggered by a patient’s referral orders, scheduling events, price estimates, or preventative care notifications. Communication can change depending on the unique situation of each patient.
  • Reduce cancellations and promote healthier behavior by prompting care plan compliance. Newly compliant patients can also contribute to an incremental increase in volume and utilization.

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