Digital Patient Experience Manager

A unified platform that orchestrates and personalizes multi-channel patient communications and supporting workflows to enhance the patient experience and drive outcomes for healthcare providers.

Improve The Patient Experience

Increase patient satisfaction by creating a retail-like shopping experience for tests and procedures.

Improve cashflow by offering pre-procedure pricing to help reduce post-procedure self-pay, which can help lower the risk of bad debt.

Sustain/grow market share through improved patient satisfaction, reviews, ratings, and reputation scores.

Optimize revenue through improved acquisition/retention, e.g., scheduling, referrals, etc.

Improve efficiency by reducing the burden on providers, practice staff, and call center operations.

Achieve value-based objectives by adhering to connected care and quality standards.

Engage Patients across the Care Continuum

Automated follow-up on incidental findings

  • Improve patient outcomes with timely follow-up with patient and provider reminders.
  • Increase in-house referrals by messaging the referring physician to follow-up with the patient.
  • Engage providers earlier with automated alerts.

Consumer-centric access

  • Increase appointment volume with convenient access and online scheduling.
  • Reduce the incidence of no-shows with digital patient reminders.
  • Improve patient outcomes and engagement with personalized follow-up.

Patient experience measurement campaign

  • Identify opportunities for operational improvements in near-real time.
  • Increase consumer review ratings by providing an opportunity to share positive feedback on consumer review sites.
  • Improve employee morale through staff recognition.

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