Referrals Navigator™ Solution

An intelligent referral management platform for providers that streamlines medical referral selection, scheduling, and payment to help reduce patient leakage and increase revenue.

Automate Patient Referrals

Reduce leakage by providing curated, patient-specific lists of recommended specialists within your health system’s network  based on parameters such as location, insurance, and availability.

Simplify access to care by automating the referral selection process and providing your patients with a seamless experience for confirming referral care appointments via email or text notifications. 

Enable a frictionless online experience by allowing patients to view provider ratings, select a provider, receive a personalized financial estimate, schedule an appointment, and pre-pay for care via their mobile device. 

Encourage proactive patient follow-up to support patients on their path to care with automatic provider notification of any changes, cancellations, or missed referral appointments.

Improve care coordination with EHR integration that allows referring providers to share patient demographic data, referring notes, and other information with specialists directly from their current workflow.

Close the gaps in your referral ecosystem by connecting every specialist within the health system for a complete referral network; reduce manual workflows throughout the referral management process.

Find, Track, and Manage Patient Referrals

A Frictionless Patient Experience Reduces Network Leakage

  • Give patients a customized, curated list of specialists via their preferred digital channel—text or email. Patients can review ratings, select a provider, and schedule an appointment online.  
  • Provide patients with pricing transparency via a personalized estimate for scheduled services, with options to pre-pay or contact a financial counselor to facilitate a payment plan. 
  • Increase patient retention and improve overall care quality through appointment accountability. Encourage patients to complete follow-up care in a timely fashion with automated referral tracking.

An Integrated Platform Streamlines the Referral Process

  • Provide an integrated platform for providers to research in-network referral options, monitor sent and received referrals, and track their patients’ ongoing care throughout the referral process. 
  • Reduce the administrative burden of medical referrals by replacing manual workflows with an automated process. Save time by eliminating the search for specialist availability and insurance information.
  • Help ensure a continuous care experience with seamless communication between referring and receiving providers. Share patient demographics, insurance, and referring notes within the provider’s current workflow.

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