Shop Book and Pay™

A healthcare eCommerce platform for providers that enables procedure bundling, transactable pricing, and retail healthcare services to help improve collections and drive an outstanding patient experience.

Drive Revenue With Healthcare eCommerce

Provide transactable cash offers alongside personalized price quotes based upon a patient’s individual health plan, specific benefits, and current deductible balance.

Eliminate surprise billing by bundling all services in an episode of care. Differentiate your practice by offering an outstanding healthcare eCommerce experience from start to finish.

Monetize your website by enabling in-network consumer shopping by price, quality, availability, and patient satisfaction rankings for all in-network providers offering a chosen service. 

Offer direct patient appointment booking within the same shopping workflow. Integrated scheduling means patients can select the most convenient date/time from available slots. 

Help improve patient collections and reduce bad debt with convenient payment options, including cash discounts, credit and debit cards, health savings accounts, monthly auto-payments, or financing via partners. 

Help reduce no-shows by automating up-front scheduling and payments before care is given. Patients are more likely to keep their appointments for pre-paid procedures.

Impress Patients With a Seamless Digital Experience

Convenient, Personalized Healthcare Shopping 

  • Create a digital storefront for your organization featuring your providers and facilities. Show only the prices for a single provider, or show prices for all providers associated with a hospital network. 
  • Allow patients to search for a specific procedure or test, comparing providers by features such as price and quality before adding the procedure to their shopping cart. 
  • Satisfy patients with a true representation of their out-of-pocket costs. The solution bundles pricing for episodes of care even across service lines and unaffiliated providers, resulting in a single, up-front price for patients. 

Integrated Self-Scheduling

  • Empower patients to schedule their own appointments via integration with your existing scheduling system. Shop Book and Pay integrates with all relevant hospital systems, such as your ADT, EHR, EDIS, and RIS. 
  • Confirm the scheduled appointment with automated follow-up messaging. Reduce cancellations and no-shows by automating the scheduling and payment process up-front. 
  • Improve your patients’ overall care experience by removing the barriers to finding and scheduling care. Reduce frustration with appointment wait-times by inviting patient self-scheduling.

Improved Collections

  • Reduce the administrative costs of accounts receivable by encouraging pre-payment. From the shopping cart, patients can pay their balance in full (via credit card, HSA, or PayPal) to receive a discount. 
  • Improve collections by helping both self-pay patients and those with high-deductible health plans choose the best care option based on personalized pricing that reflects their specific circumstances. 
  • Satisfy patients with a full medical cost transparency and knowledge of their balance due. Financing can be arranged within the tool, or patients can choose monthly auto-payments until their balance is paid. 

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