Virtual Front Desk

A digital patient scheduling solution for providers that want to increase patient access and improve acquisition and retention with patient self-scheduling and a touchless patient check-in system. 

Offer Safe, Convenient Digital Patient Access 

Attract new and established patients with a digital portal offering efficient self-scheduling without the need to sign in or remember user IDs or passwords. 

Provide superior patient access with digital tools that let patients schedule appointments, register, check in, complete forms, and check wait times—all electronically.

Build long-term loyalty with an intuitive, patient-centric scheduling and registration process that mimics online retail sites. Patients can complete digital registration forms via cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Support social distancing with touchless digital patient check-in, reducing the risk of contagion from shared tools. Once they arrive, patients can check in on their device or yours.

Direct patients to specific waiting rooms using the tool’s digital messaging capabilities. Keep contagious patients separated from the general patient population.

Offer digital wait time monitoring to reduce the amount of time patients spend in your waiting room. Set and manage patient expectations with visualized wait times displayed on waiting room monitors. 

Optimize Capacity With Patient Self-Scheduling 

Integrated Digital Registration

  • Capture registration data digitally, reducing the need for your staff to spend valuable time on processing and reformatting. Virtual Front Desk integrates with your ADT or practice management system for effortless record keeping.
  • Mitigate common patient complaints, such as repetitive form-filling. Patients no longer need to print and complete numerous forms before remembering to bring them to their office visit. 
  • Access documents easily via digital document storage. Users can launch and retrieve documents from Virtual Front Desk, print them, or upload to the EMR via integration or PDF.

Efficient Self-Serve Tools

  • Empower new and established patients by providing the ability to search for an open spot in your scheduling book and schedule their own appointments, without needing staff intervention.
  • Streamline the registration process with online form completion via the digital portal, making the entire process easy and convenient for both patients and your staff.
  • Improve staff productivity by reducing paperwork digitization and reallocating staff members to more critical tasks. 

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