Market Insights

Comprehensive quarterly data that powers new insights into local, regional, and national trends related to healthcare product and service utilization, financial services, and population health.

Powers Data-Driven Insight to Improve Results

Uncover easily digestible local and national trends from the millions of daily transactions Change Healthcare processes for providers, payers, and consumers.

Gain insights from utilization procedure codes and sliced counts by institution vs. professional type, age, and gender.

Identify opportunities by exploring timely, extensive, and de-identified data in the aggregate to examine utilization, population, or financial information.

Plan using granular insights, including ZIP5 and ZIP3 analyses of charged amounts for procedure codes, including 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles.

Make data-driven decisions, with analytics using secure, de-identified, appropriately permissioned, and compliant data from Change Healthcare.

Deliver insight to drive informed decisions and strategies that can reduce cost and improve the quality of healthcare.

Understand Market Trends and Performance

Performance benchmarks

  • Is your individual practice or organization doing better or worse than last year?
  • Where do you rank compared with your peers and your competition?
  • How do your service costs compare to others and when are readmittance rates highest?

Market share and competition

  • Create projections for your organization comparing your past performance against local and regional markets.
  • Identify your biggest competitors, where patients are going for healthcare services, and whether your market share is growing or declining.
  • Understand and plan for market shifts in demographics.

Population trends and disease management

  • Identify the most successful treatment centers in your market––and nationally.
  • Identify target populations for your services.
  • Understand prescription and referral trends.

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