Dental Practice Analytic Insights

A comprehensive dental business management solution that delivers national benchmark data, practice-specific revenue cycle metrics, and patient analytics for optimized practice management. 

Automate Revenue Cycle Management

Obtain an accurate, holistic view of practice performance by having all your data organized in one easy-to-use repository

Understand how your metrics rank against a range of national benchmarks and key performance indicators culled from 140,000 dental providers using the Change Healthcare network 

Visualize past and current revenue cycle performance and project future trends with customized reports based on three years’ worth of rolling data

Negotiate improved payer contract terms by comparing fee schedules to industry benchmarks to facilitate competitive pricing and optimized profitability

Gain insights into the root cause of denied claims with drill-down details showing denial by code, provider, and payer

Strengthen patient management by organizing patient information on the basis of age, gender, or other factors, including those overdue for follow-up dental work 

Boost Financial Performance with Dental Practice Analytics 

Measure Your Practice Against National Benchmarks

  • View comparative performance indicators and dental practice benchmarks generated from the claims data of 140,000 dental providers using the Change Healthcare Network.
  • Analyze your fee schedule against trends and national data to support competitive pricing and optimized profitability.
  • Leverage payer- performance information to determine which health plans are most advantageous to your practice.

Strengthen Dental Business Management 

  • Assess your revenue cycle efficiency and identify areas for improvement with powerful analytics focused on pricing, claims management, payer performance and more.
  • Categorize information, create graphs and develop custom views to meet specific practice needs.
  • Spot trends and patterns, then drill down to detect the root cause of problems.

Understand Your Patient Population 

  • Organize your patient profiles by age, gender and other demographics to support marketing and to assess the potential for new practice locations.
  • Boost patient engagement by filtering data to identify patients who haven’t been seen in six months or who have failed to schedule recommended dental work.
  • Track metrics like seasonal volume and service trends to improve strategic business planning. 

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