Change Healthcare Cardiology™ Analytics

A web-based reporting and business intelligence platform that allows providers to view, analyze, and distribute clinical outcomes, cardiology reporting, imaging analytics, and administrative data.  

Make Informed Decisions to Control Costs

Perform fast cross-modality queries, comparing and analyzing data from multiple procedures and service lines.

Create customized ad-hoc reports, choosing from hundreds of predefined data elements using Query Studio functionality. Rely on more than 100 pre-packaged reports for a wide variety of needs. 

Run reports once or repeatedly, saving them for further use. Easily share reports by scheduling them for distribution in multiple formats, such as PDF, html, csv, xml, or xls.

Explore near real-time analytics with interactive dashboards and narrative-based, story-format presentations that can include dashboards, reports, and annotations.

Empower Users to Explore and Share Key Data Points

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting of data

  • Analyze data across multiple procedures and service lines with comparative cross-modality queries. Investigate correlations across your clinical, administrative, billing, inventory, and calculated datasets. 
  • Create interactive dashboards within just a few minutes using simple drag-and-drop data elements. Enable actionable insights at a glance.
  • Generate stories, or interactive presentations that feature a narrative that unfolds over a specific time period. These story views differ from dashboards, as they can better convey conclusions or recommendations.

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