Change Healthcare Cardiology Charge Manager™

A cardiology charge capture system for providers that leverages direct entry of procedural data at the point of care, eliminating duplicate data entry and helping ensure that all charges match documentation.

Streamline Revenue Generation

Utilize a single charge system for all cardiology, including catheterization, electrophysiology, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and ECG procedures

Automate the charging process  by immediately capturing charges for supplies and procedures documented by the clinical staff at the point of care

Help reduce billing errors and missed charges with an automatically generated charge audit worklist and simultaneous split-screen review of procedure documentation and charges 

Support technical charges as well as professional charge components for every facility within your enterprise

Improve staff satisfaction with secure web access from anywhere in your facility, plus designated screens for technicians, nurses, and charge capture administrators

Generate standard and ad-hoc reports, including financial audit, inventory, and reconciliation reports

Improve Documentation Accuracy and Speed Reimbursement

Automate charge capture

  • Provide the entire care team with single database access to the complete cardiovascular electronic medical record with integrated charge capture and inventory management. 
  • Automatically capture charges for devices and procedures documented by the clinical staff at the point of care. This functionality allows the clinical staff to remain focused on patient care and clinical documentation.
  • Significantly reduce the hours required by manual charging, while reducing billing errors and missed charges. Each facility can set its own charge set, as the solution provides multi-facility support on a single database.

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