Enterprise Imaging Network™ Analytics

A scalable, cloud-native imaging analytics platform that automates data acquisition and synthesizes complex data from multiple sources to help providers realize meaningful insights.

Refine Your Imaging Operations

Leverage basic or expanded content packages for on-premise radiology systems. Future reporting capabilities in development include on-premise cardiology, on-premise workflow, cloud archive, and more.

Gain rapid, meaningful insights with dynamic data visualizations, key performance indicators, problem-specific analytic workflows, and data discovery, comparison, and prediction tools. 

Reduce IT strain with frequent, automatic upgrades that are seamless to your staff. Benefit from superior security and ultra-availability with 99.99% uptime.

Automate data acquisition and synthesis from multiple sources. Balance workload with an accurate, holistic view of current and historic activity within your imaging department and enterprise.

Use Your Imaging Data to Drive Process Improvements

Core Package

  • Help improve departmental operations with the ability to share insights, export data, and drill into details. Data can be consumed ad-hoc or in standardized reports.
  • The core package offers historical data, descriptive analytics, volumes, and basic turnaround times (TAT), plus departmental activity reporting.

Premium Package

  • Optimize organizational efficiency, quality, and revenue generation with an interactive dashboard that offers deeper insights for data-driven decision making.
  • This package features additional standard data sets, including complete TAT trends and outliers, unreported studies, and productivity data.
  • Drive performance improvements with capacity and utilization metrics, staff utilization and productivity data, referral management information, and comparative benchmarking.

Premium Plus Package

  • Enable strategic growth with actionable claims data, population health management, and unlimited data sources.
  • Prepare for continued success with scenario modeling and predictive analytics capabilities. This package features customized dashboards and workflow, as well as rules-driven task automation.

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Refine Your Imaging Operations

Learn how to leverage your imaging data to drive performance improvements

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