Change Healthcare Imaging Actionable Findings

A closed-loop communication solution for providers that notifies clinicians and patients of all acute and non-acute imaging findings to improve outcomes and drive timely follow-up care.

Help Improve Follow-Up Care Compliance 

Share all actionable imaging findings—including critical and urgent results, complex cases, and incidental findings—with ordering clinicians and patients.

Notify ordering clinicians of follow-up recommendations for imaging and non-imaging care, such as requests for lab work, within their preferred workflow for anytime, anywhere review. 

Improve clinical outcomes by tracking follow-up recommendations for quality and clarity, helping your organization improve performance, increase compliance, and meet regulatory requirements. 

Help reduce preventable malpractice litigation by managing each imaging finding and follow-up recommendation to completion with auditable documentation logged directly in your EHR. 

Remove clinician communication barriers by providing automated workflows and mobile app consultation tools to increase prompt communication and standardize the care transition process. 

Capture lost revenue by monitoring follow-up compliance rates, driving volume with an increase in appropriate follow-up exams, and improving referral strategies. 

Close the Loop on Actionable Findings

Mitigate Legal Risk

  • Scan radiology reports for incidental findings using natural language processing. Send findings to the ordering physician to accept, defer, transfer, or decline (with a documented reason). 
  • Standardize care transitions by automating communication practices and workflow across the enterprise. Help ensure accurate contact information and high service adoption to increase adherence to follow-up care.
  • Ensure all actionable findings are communicated to ordering clinicians and patients, improving patient safety.

Streamline Clinician Workflow

  • Help ensure prompt attention for critical or urgent findings with time/date-stamped clinician alerts and an organization-defined escalation hierarchy in cases of non-response. 
  • Send alerts in clinicians’ preferred workflow, via mobile app or desktop, for convenient review. Clinicians can view the patient’s prior records or consult with the radiologist or other clinicians via the app. 
  • Simplify response management by enabling clinicians to immediately accept, defer, decline, or transfer a recommendation. Clinicians can immediately order recommended follow-up exams from the app, sending orders directly to the EHR. 

Providing Mesurable Value


of annual studies include a critical or urgent finding.1


of annual studies include an incidental finding.2


of recommended follow-up exams are not completed, on average.

Providing Mesurable Value

1. Sistrom CL, et al. “Recommendations for Additional Imaging in Radiology Reports: Multifactorial Analysis of 5.9 Million Examinations,” Radiology 2009; 453-461 [Erratum in Radiology 2010; 254:316]
2. Sistrom CL, et al. “Recommendations for Additional Imaging in Radiology Reports: Multifactorial Analysis of 5.9 Million Examinations,” Radiology 2009; 453-461 [Erratum in Radiology 2010; 254:316]
3. Nadja Kadom, et al. “Safety-Net Academic Hospital Experience in Following Up Noncritical Yet Potentially Significant Radiology Recommendations,” AJR:209, November 2017; 1-5

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