Healthcare Transformation Solutions

Medical Imaging Consulting delivers Healthcare Transformation Solutions to providers seeking to optimize productivity and workflow, and realize maximum benefits from health IT investments.

Improve Operations Through Clinical Transformation

Support optimized workflows and utilization of resources and data to reduce costs and improve services.

Help improve patient satisfaction by ensuring the right task gets to the right professional at the right time so quality measures are met.

Provide the business and clinical expertise necessary to successfully advise clients on operational and financial revenue cycle improvements that boost ROI.

Simplify access to enterprise imaging data through consolidation. By investing in hosted enterprise storage and consolidating disparate PACS, costs can be reduced, physician experience improved, and patient care processes enhanced.

Deliver reliable built-in data protection that supports the scalability, accessibility, and preservation of data, in addition to helping fulfill legislative requirements for patient information security and privacy.

Implement change and adoption management strategies to ensure new initiatives gain traction across the enterprise and deliver intended results and benefits.

Transform Your Imaging Business

Enterprise imaging assessments

  • Use our resources to conduct an operational, clinical, and technical evaluation of your organization’s people, processes, and technology comparing your performance against industry standards and best practices.
  • Uncover ways to optimize current operations, and position your organization to achieve clinical, operational, and financial goals with our actionable recommendations to help guide improvements.
  • Realize the full potential of your diagnostic imaging environment with an Imaging Assessment.

Revenue cycle assessment & quality

  • Support radiology practices in revenue cycle improvements as you adjust to value based payment models.
  • Identify and create new revenue opportunities in untapped markets like clinical trials, military, and more.
  • Employ data analytics technology and tools to collect metrics that gauge ROI and program effectiveness.

Change adoption & change management consulting

  • Allow your imaging investments to make progress and deliver real value.
  • Realize the transformative power of your new health IT investment through comprehensive employee adoption of new technologies and processes.
  • Work with our Healthcare Transformation consultants to address the complexities of organizational change through comprehensive change adoption services.

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Additional Resources

Simplify MIPS Quality Reporting with Change Healthcare

Learn how Change Healthcare can provide you with the tools you need to simply MIPS quality reporting while maximizing your reimbursements.

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Realize the Full Potential of your Diagnostic Imaging Environment with an Imaging Assessment

Download this infographic to learn how an Imaging Assessment can help identify outliers and bottlenecks throughout the exam lifecycle that cause a loss of real value

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Change Adoption: Help Your Imaging Investments Take Hold

Learn how Change Adoption Solutions help transition your employees from current to future state, enabling a complete clinical practices transformation.

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