Limit Disruptions With End-to-End Enterprise Radiology 

Optimize  radiology imaging specialists’ productivity with an AI-enabled portfolio that prioritizes urgent studies, supports real-time consultations, and expedites clinical analysis via an intuitive workflow.

Reduce IT Complexity

Leverage your investments with an integrated, web-enabled platform for reading, archiving, and viewing imaging data. Eliminate the need for dedicated advanced visualization and mammography workstations. 

Radiology PACS
Enterprise-class PACS with seamlessly integrated advanced visualization (AV) tools.

Web-enabled access from any workstation to multi-modality breast imaging, including DBT. 

Vendor Neutral Archive 
Consolidate patient imaging data from multiple systems, departments, and vendors.

Enhance Productivity, Optimized Workflow

Improve your performance with AI-enabled study prioritization and balanced workload distribution. Increase diagnostic confidence with EHR integration, collaboration tools, and integrated reference case management. 

Enterprise Worklist
AI-enabled imaging workflow rules engine consolidates interpretation and quality tasks. 

EHR Integration
Integrated access to relevant clinical data at the point of care.

Real-Time Collaboration
Communication tools promote coordination of patient care between physicians.

Study Share
Educational solution to share images, teaching files, and reference case data.

Prepare for the Future of Enterprise Imaging

Reinvigorate your organization with an intelligent imaging network to improve reliability and patient care. Leverage aggregated clinical data for seamless disease tracking, virtual collaboration, and data-driven decisions.

Universal Viewing
Enterprise clinical viewer platform for anytime, anywhere access to images.

Cloud Medical Image Management 
Deliver cost savings and remove the burden of data management from your IT department.

Real-time Analytics 
A scalable, cloud-native imaging analytics platform that helps providers realize meaningful insights.

Cloud-Based Medical Image Sharing
Improve patient care quality, patient safety and increase physician collaboration by providing immediate access to patient's medical images. View an exam from any location via a web browser or any internet-connected device. 

Empower your radiology imaging specialists 

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