Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™

Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™ leverages our web-based platform to provide the ultimate PACS experience while keeping overall costs down and includes a client application version with the capabilities you’ve come to expect.

An Enterprise Radiology PACS Solution

Achieve standards-based integration in a value-based care environment..

Improve clinical care with advanced image analysis options that are integrated directly into the radiologist’s readflow, either by launching with display protocols or ad-hoc in context to the study.

Enhance access to complete patient information including images for cost-effective improvement of patient care and physician engagement.

Increase radiology’s participation throughout a patient’s care cycle with integrated clinical and workflow tools to mitigate interruptions, manage communications, and resolve common workflow challenges.

Reduce the cost and effort of deployment with deployment alternatives that meet the requirements of different end users and sites.

Cater to specific user roles and requirements with the high-quality image display, workflow efficiency, and system integration capabilities that you need.

A Comprehensive Cloud-based Radiology Software Solution


Flexible deployment

  • Deployment and usability options that address specific business challenges and user requirements.
  • Easy to implement, but sufficiently flexible and intelligent to follow end users as they move within, or even outside, a healthcare enterprise, retaining user preferences for each login, regardless of where they access the system.
  • Various deployment alternatives that meet the requirements of different end users, including robust and feature rich tool-sets for power users and hospital staff.

Advanced clinical applications

  • Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions brings advanced clinical workflows and associated quantitative analysis capabilities directly within the radiologist’s read-flow.
  • 16 Advanced Visualization applications, tools and workflows that are essential for reading CT and MR exams are included at no cost. In addition, we offer over 30 applications, tools and workflows for Oncology, Neurology and Cardiology imaging for purchase.
  • Integrated Advanced Visualization can eliminate the need for dedicated specialized AV workstations and associated costs for customers, while reducing the cost of healthcare delivery.

Novel collaboration tool for consults

  • Allows radiologists to control consult availability, connect quickly and easily in real-time, screen-share with members of the care team, and log collaboration session information
  • Addresses the common issues most disruptive to the radiologist's workflow, including the management of referring physician consultations
  • Initiates a collaboration session by sending a request through the collaboration contact list; users can send, accept, decline, queue up the invitation, and immediately discuss the case from within the imaging cockpit

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