Drew Harbison

Drew has more than 30 years of experience in IT, including more than five years as VP of software development for a major health plan in New York. Drew excels at strategic planning, project management, building high-performance teams, and continuous improvement programs. He has proven expertise in health plan and provider business processes, technology, and finance, and extensive experience in enterprise data warehousing, infrastructure design and implementation, IT value delivery, cost optimization, enterprise architecture, model audit rule, and HIPAA/HITECH. Drew focuses on designing and implementing innovative solutions to optimize business performance and reduce administrative costs.


  • Consulted on IT strategy, performance development, HIPAA/HITECH auditing ,and project management
  • Implemented a new eligibility vendor, TPA, PBM, and MAPD, as senior program manager for a health plan in North Carolina
  • assurance, operations, and audits and compliance
  • patient scheduling


  • 30+ years' experience in data warehouse and solution architecture


  • Bachelor of Science, Lansdale School of Business