Healthcare Consumerism Consulting Services 

Specialty consulting services for payers and providers who want to deliver a consumer-centric experience that meets members’ expectations, driving enrollment, satisfaction, and retention.

Deliver a Retail-Like Health Plan Experience

Engage our experts to analyze all aspects of your member experience, from shopping online for health plans, to receiving custom communications, to paying bills

Automate processes, accelerate workflows, and deliver greater performance and cost transparency to your members

Help your members readily embrace preventative care, understand the quality/cost relationship, and make more informed healthcare choices

Develop a multi-channel communications strategy that incorporates a user-friendly website, an interactive phone system, mobile apps, and social media

Healthcare Strategy Consulting

Our Consulting Services include: 

  • Market assessment and competitor analysis
  • Product portfolio review
  • Channel strategy and development
  • Member/Patient engagement assessment 
  • Consumer experience optimization
  • System selection/ implementation
  • Operational improvements
  • Integrated Scheduling appointments
  • Providing price and quality transparency 

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