A revenue cycle management solution for providers that want to monitor claim denials, manage appeals, and maintain up-to-date payer information.

Submit COVID-19 Claims for Uninsured Care – No Fee

Providers may submit eligible COVID-19-related claims for uninsured patients electronically via our ConnectCenter at no cost.

Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

Streamline the claims process with real-time submission and editing capabilities and error reporting.

Improve patient relationships with real-time eligibility confirmation and financial obligation estimates.

Gain visibility into claims throughout the process with proactive notifications to enable denial monitoring, appeal management, and payer information monitoring.

Enhance productivity and speed implementation for new providers with automated payer enrollment.

Manage and track Medicare requests and attachments electronically.

Facilitate informed conversations between staff and patients for better healthcare decisions.

Simplify Claims Management

Streamline claims processing

  • Real-time claim submission and editing capabilities with error reporting.
  • Manage payer enrollment to improve productivity and speeds implementation for new providers.
  • Set notifications to stay up-to-date with payer information and any issues that cause claims processing delays.

Enhance patient satisfaction

  • Calculate an estimate of patient financial obligation to facilitate collections earlier in the process.
  • Confirm patient eligibility and benefit coverage directly from the payer in real time.
  • Give your staff an easy-to-use, searchable database to enable more initial discussions and follow-up with patients.

Improve financial performance

  • Expedite denial resolution for overall cost savings.
  • Audit and review current and historical claims for claims analysis and to understand denial reasons, and anticipate and prevent those reasons in the future.
  • Prevent claims from falling through the cracks with an end-to-end view of claims for a rolling 13-month period.

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Streamline and Improve Your Revenue Cycle

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