Pharmacy Solutions

Solutions that help automate operations and improve financial results for independent and chain pharmacies

Optimizing Pharmacy Operations

Pharmacy Solutions, a comprehensive suite of pharmacy technology solutions, supports front- and back-end operations for chain and retail pharmacies. Our portfolio spans inventory management, revenue cycle, billing and claims, patient access, co-pay assistance, data analysis, and more.

Streamline pharmacy operations, transactions, and data

Our pharmacy management software solutions suite helps chain and retail pharmacies improve drug dispensing and bolster patient engagement and loyalty. Collectively, the solutions help provide better inventory management and promote patient activities, including medication adherence and immunization reminders. 

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Access real-time transactional insights

Our Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solutions help pharmacies drive real-time, point-of-sale actions that enhance revenue. The suite uses robust analytics to reveal insights into all areas of pharmacy business, with visualizations, dashboards, and reports for monitoring business operations, improving margins, minimizing costs/risks, and supporting health and wellness initiatives.

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Elevate billing and revenue cycle management

Our modular pharmacy Revenue Cycle and Billing Solutions suite offers tools for third-party submission and reconciliation, outsourced “chasing claims,” contract management, appeal submission, and tracking services to help pharmacies improve pharmacy billing and revenue cycle practices to boost revenues.

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Reduce administrative burden, improve patient experience

Our Pharmacy Solutions network helps pharmacies submit claims to any third-party processor; perform custom claims edit claims that suit unique pharmacy requirements; streamline eligibility checks with access to coverage information for more than 270 million individuals; reduce the financial burden of co-pays; and increase medication adherence while driving revenue.

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