Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solutions

Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solutions is a set of data management and analysis tools that let pharmacies analyze store performance in real time and transform data to meet partner requirements.

Better Operations Insight  

Pharmacy Business Intelligence Solutions consolidates pharmacy operations data and supports a single source of data for store performance analytics. Our solution lets you easily create and share data visualizations to identify opportunities to improve margins, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our solution centralizes data to simplify store operations analysis and reporting, and generates reports highlighting the steps required to fine-tune performance.  

Self-Service Business Intelligence 

Explore Dx®​

A scalable business intelligence tool that provides retrospective, predictive analytics for pharmacies to gain insight into operations. 

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Simplify Data Management

Our pharmacy business intelligence tool lets non-technical end users easily transform, create, and share data and reports through a self-service environment.

Exchange Dx™​

Simplify management of partners’ claims data needs. 

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