Turn Rx®

An intelligent inventory management solution, driven by predictive analytics, that allows you to manage and track inventory at a pharmacy or corporate level.

Streamline Inventory Management Processes and Gain Real-Time Access to Inventory Count 

Drive improved inventory management with an automated solution that helps manage and track at pharmacy and corporate levels. 

Gain more detail in inventory management by automating the daily order process and creating individual pharmacy-, region-, or chain-level rules on inventory replenishment.

Set appropriate order points for each drug in your inventory to ensure you always have the right amount on hand.

Evaluate and identify drug diversion and outlier behavior based on known industry risk factors.

Take control of non-used inventory, to increase inventory annual turns, and reduce frozen capital.

Integrate all inventory management functions with wholesalers.

Gain Intelligent Control Over Pharmacy Inventory

Cycle Count Management

  • Make inventory maintenance seamless and increase turns with cycle count management that is fully integrated within EPS workflow.
  • Empower staff to conveniently perform cycle counts based on workload.
  • Receive automated inventory count alerts, integrated as workflow tasks, allowing for the continual, accurate, and rapid assessment of inventory. 

Inventory Insight

  • View inventory landscape in real time with a customizable dashboard.
  • Stay informed with paperless back-end reporting. 
  • Identify beneficial inventory transfers between stores, effectively moving stock that would otherwise sit on the shelf.

Automated Order Point Management

  • Automate the calculation of order points using a customizable algorithm.
  • Configure the algorithm based on business needs and test the generated order points prior to sending them to the field.
  • Integrate order points with the dispensing systems via web services for near-real time precision control over ordering levels.

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