Pharmacy Network Solutions 

Claims-management tools that help pharmacies expedite claims editing, submission, and adjudication; improve claims accuracy, confirm patient-coverage eligibility, and ID copay-assistance opportunities.

Streamline Pharmacy Operations 

To enhance claims management and shorten payment cycles, pharmacies must seamlessly validate patient eligibility, submit accurate claims, and identify alternative copay sources. 

Speed Claims to Payers

Access a secure, high-speed, intelligent network built to operate with existing workflows to expedite claims submission to any third-party processor.  

Secure Claims Routing

Rx Connect™

A claims-switch adjudication network that allows pharmacies to send claims to any U.S. third-party processor while working in existing pharmacy workflows. 

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Validate Claims Accuracy

Apply proven, real-time pre- and post-submission edits as prescription claims are routed to and received from third-party payers.

Improve Reimbursement Productivity

Rx Edit

A comprehensive pharmacy claim solution designed to increase third-party reimbursements and improve in-store productivity.

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Confirm Patient Eligibility

Check member eligibility in using existing pharmacy workflows. Obtain coverage information for more than 270 million individuals, and improve workflow with automatic inquiries for new prescriptions.

Confirm Member Coverage with Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Rx CardFinder ™ Services​

A pharmacy eligibility service that checks member coverage with the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and returns real-time responses.

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Offer Copay Assistance

Help deliver prescription savings to patients with an easy-to-use, specialized, voucher-on-demand service to improve satisfaction and medication adherence. 

Build Patient Engagement to Increase Medication Adherence

Rx Assist

A dynamic copay assistance and messaging platform delivering  prescription savings and educational messaging to patients at the point of service, driving increased brand loyalty and medication adherence.

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