Rx Assist 

A dynamic co-pay assistance and messaging platform helping deliver real-time prescription savings and educational messaging to patients, driving initial prescriptions, increased long-term medication adherence and brand loyalty.

Empowering patients in real time with the right prescription at the right price.

Rx Assist allows for digital transformation to help maximize prescription volume, adherence, loyalty, and return.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Retail pharmacies

  • Address affordability with an automated prescription assistance program
  • Increase new starts of initial scripts
  • Increase prescription volume
  • Easily encourage medication adherence
  • Help reduce the financial burden of prescription copays
  • Engage pharmacies with patient-specific content to enhance interactions
  • Convert rejected claims into paid claims
  • Advance pharmacy star ratings and grow pharmacy revenue

Build Patient Engagement and Increase Adherence

Medication Co-Pay Assistance

Voucher On Demand – Real-time Patient Co-pay Offsets

  • Integrate co-pay savings programs into existing pharmacy workflows
  • Dramatically decrease drug abandonment rates for both new and refill prescriptions
  • Increase overall adherence to therapies leading to improved patient outcomes

Inform––Targeted Messaging for Pharmacists

  • Deliver custom messages within workflows to enhance the patient experience
  • Enhance success metrics and increase efficiency with analytically-driven targeting
  • Increase patient loyalty through better experiences

AutoRedeem––Automated Claim Denial Conversion

  • Override rejected claims in adjudication process, return paid claims to pharmacy
  • Allows patients to leave with medication

Retail Pharmacies

  • Facilitate new patient starts by making medications more affordable
  • Drive medication adherence by creating consistent copays
  • Eliminate need for secondary claims

Providing Measurable Value


Patients served


U.S. households served


Average decrease in patient drug abandonment rates

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