Rx CardFinder™ Services​

A pharmacy eligibility service that checks patient coverage with the nation’s largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and returns real-time responses.

Perform Automatic, Real-Time Eligibility Inquiries for New Prescriptions

Check member eligibility in real time using existing Pharmacy Management System workflows

Obtain coverage information for more than 270 million individuals and Medicare Part D enrollees

Improve pharmacy workflow with automatic inquiries for new prescriptions

Help save valuable personnel time and provide enhanced customer service

Streamline Eligibility Inquiries with Single Transaction

Check Member Eligibility with Leading PBMs

  • Returns a real-time response to pharmacy
  • Provides information including BIN, PCN, Group Number, Cardholder ID, Person Code, and Processor Helpdesk Number
  • Options to send inquiries to our Commercial Eligibility Partner only or combined option to send inquires to both our Commercial Eligibility Partner and our Medicare Part D Eligibility Partner

Determine Additional Coverage Options

  • When multiple coverages are found, CardFinder returns all eligibility information 
  • Informs pharmacy if no coverage is identified


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