Absolute AR®

A suite of pharmacy revenue cycle management solutions that bring clarity and transparency to third-party submission and reconciliation, and provide insights to help improve financial performance.

Improve the Revenue Cycle

Help Improve claims payment accuracy through improved revenue cycle management

Integrate with multiple pharmacy management systems, and get running quickly with an easy implementation process

Free pharmacy resources by outsourcing claims chasing to a dedicated collections analyst to free pharmacy resources

Monitor ongoing audits, conduct risk vs. result analysis, set audit prevention triggers, and create and manage audit events

Track MAC appeal submissions, correspondence, and gains, explore MAC trend summaries and exceptions with powerful, multi-level reporting

Streamline contract management to ensure compliance, verify prescriptions are paid at contract rate, analyze DIR accruals vs. actual, and perform impact analysis

Help Maximize Profit to Secure Your Financial Future 

Achieve Robust Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Gain insights and experience from a dedicated team 
  • Track direct and indirect remuneration at patient and roster billing levels
  • See trends impacting the revenue cycle from 300+ available reports

Flexible reporting and data analytics

  • Gain visibility into the revenue cycle with a custom ad-hoc report writer
  • Get enhanced data visualization with customized scheduling and delivery 
  • Easily create custom dashboards to meet your needs

Providing Measurable Value


First pass posting accuracy


Average electronic remittance utilization


Retail pharmacies using our service  

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A solution for pharmacies that want to improve their medical-claims billing efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction.