Contract Manager

A contract management solution for health plans that want to improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and help eliminate errors across the provider contracting lifecycle.

Manage Complex Provider Contracts

Improve efficiency with automated tasks and an intuitive workflow engine. Reduce the time it takes to manually develop and maintain complex, value-based contracts.

Minimize contracting risks by maintaining control over your contractual agreements. Leverage a centralized repository of contract templates to improve the use of approved contract terms.

Improve payment accuracy with clear, standardized terms. Ensuring that contracts are accurately represented in payment systems helps you uncover savings and secure provider support for future value-based payment initiatives.

Enable agility and innovation Contract Manager lets you quickly build and revise your provider relationships to support new product and market initiatives and address competitive threats.

Streamline the Provider Contract Management Lifecycle

Automate contracting tasks

  • Configurable, automated workflows replace inefficient, paper-based processes, helping you speed the creation, distribution, and approval of provider contracts and bulk amendments.
  • Online negotiation tools, digital signatures, and automated contract requests improve process efficiency. You can easily share proposed terms with hundreds of providers via email.
  • Automated processes help you maintain contract compliance, increase transparency and minimize risk – while reducing your administrative costs.

Help reduce contracting risks

  • A centralized repository of contract templates improves the use of approved contract language terminology, helping to ensure clarity and support the accurate representation of contract intent in claims payment.
  • Contract Manager incorporates PADU (Preferred / Acceptable / Discouraged / Unacceptable) rankings of terms and contracts to help you identify the level of risk associated with contracts.
  • Full audit tracking helps improve compliance and more easily support regulatory audits.

Speed accurate implementation

  • Contract Manager is designed to work with Reimbursement Manager and Provider Manager. Together, these products help automate the contracting lifecycle to enable accurate, complex payment arrangements.
  • Web services allow you to import triggers, such as a new provider enrollment, to automatically launch contracting activities and shorten contracting lifecycles.
  • Contract and rate auto-loading capabilities let you export contract terms and rate details to payment systems to eliminate manual configuration and reduce errors.

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2018 IDC MarketScape for Contract Management Tools

Download an extract of this report for advice and guidance on selecting your next contract management system.

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