Provider Payment

With connectivity to over 600,000 providers, we offer flexible and efficient provider payment solutions for reimbursement.

Streamline Provider Payments

Impact your administrative costs

We can help both large and small payers lower their high administrative cost of payment distribution by using more efficient printing processes and converting reimbursements to electronic payments. Because we use a single network for claim processing, payments, and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), we can work side-by-side with you to implement the optimal provider payment solution.

Flexible provider payment solutions

Our preference-based intelligent payment analytics can help determine the most cost-effective payment distribution channel. Ask us how our flexible solution may be able to support your specific needs with one of the following payment modalities:

  • ACH via multiple networks
  • Virtual Credit Card (VCC)
  • Direct payment
  • Print & Mail Fulfillment

Transform your Provider Payment Approach

Optimize Print & Mail Fulfillment

Reduce print and mail costs

We can help relieve payers of the hassle and expense associated with internal printing and mail fulfillment, which may bring significant postage and operational savings. Our solution can help reduce postage and print costs by:

  • Combining payments on behalf of multiple members that is mailed in a single payment
  • Consolidating print and correspondence
  • Participating in our postage cooperative

Increase Electronic Payments

Convert printed reimbursements to electronic payments

Our flexible solution supports your specific needs and includes the following payment options: ACH via multiple networks, Virtual Credit Card (VCC), Direct payment, and Print & Mail Fulfillment. Our expert payments team is always innovating to introduce new and unique solutions to help payers increase electronic payment enrollment and adoption that can help you reduce costs.

10.8M electronic payments processed in 2016 representing $31.5B in payment value

2.5B images fulfilled in 2016 representing over $100B in payment value

Streamline Provider Enrollment

Quick Collect for small provider groups

For small provider groups and independent physicians, we offer tailored solutions that allow for low payment volume with multiple payers. Our solution streamlines the process from start to finish – from easy enrollment to single-format ERAs.

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