Settlement Advocate

A healthcare payment settlement solution for payers that want to simplify the payment process, reduce print payment-related costs, and drive electronic payment adoption.

Simplify Provider Payment Settlements

Reduce administrative costs with consolidated payments and reconciliation across all payment types and funding sources in one system.

Encourage provider adoption of electronic payments with a system that remembers their payment preferences.

Payment delivery across a large provider network according to the provider’s preferred payment method.

Simplify service with a single system for your entire payment and settlement process.

Simplify 1099 processes for all payment types and reporting to reduce manual work.

Expand your reach with access to a broad network of providers accepting electronic payments.

Streamline Provider Payments

Simplify the payment settlement process

  • A single payment instruction file enables payment fulfillment activities for your providers.
  • Reduce stress over downstream processes, including consolidated ACH drawdown, consolidated payment and remittance data, and 1099 processes.
  • Allow the system to handle routing of payments through one of the largest, healthcare focused provider network according to preferred payment methods.

Reduce printed payment-related costs

  • Decrease the print and mail costs associated with paper checks by offering the broadest array of electronic payment solutions to your providers.
  • Take advantage of the savings offered by our Healthpayers USA Postage Cooperative for providers that do not switch to electronic payments.
  • Manage consolidated payments and reconciliation across all payment types and funding sources in one system.

Drive electronic payment utilization

  • Offer the type of payment method your providers prefer, including ACH, closed network ACH (direct payment), and card payments, with our broad array of electronic payment types.
  • Improve provider satisfaction with all provider payment preferences maintained centrally in the system and the flexibility of choice.
  • Access an ever-growing network of providers accepting electronic payments.

Providing Measurable Value

electronic payments processed in 2014 representing $10B+ in value
providers accessible on network
check images processed in 2014 representing $100B+ in value

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Simplify Provider Payments

Learn how Change Healthcare can make it easier to eliminate traditional barriers to provider adoption of electronic payments.

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