Clearance Patient Access Suite

A pre-service financial clearance solution for providers who want to accelerate reimbursement, reduce denials, and optimize workflows from registration through point-of-service collections.

Patient Financial Clearance

Increase the accuracy of your registration data to help reduce denials caused by registration errors. Identify errors in real time and manage staff performance through customizable reporting.

Streamline your pre-authorization and medical necessity workflow. Proactive account monitoring for pending pre-authorizations displays payer decisions, including approval and authorization number, within your HIS.

Identify missed coverage with unlimited patient insurance eligibility verification. Clearance also verifies patients’ demographic data and flags potential fraud or identity theft.

Boost your staff’s productivity with an intuitive, consolidated dashboard of patient benefit details and key data, coupled with specialized Medicare and Medicaid views.

Screen your patients’ ability and inclination to pay. Clearance provides an automated screening solution that produces prediction scores to help your staff engage in informed financial discussions with patients.

Improve patient engagement by setting financial expectations. Clearance calculates your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, provides a point-of-service estimate, and helps drive collections and price transparency.

Curbing Bad Debt by Improving the Patient Financial Experience

Several revenue cycle leaders discuss how their organizations are tackling the issue of escalating patient responsibility, exploring how they are putting individuals on pathways toward payment that boost satisfaction as well as revenue.

Improving Front-End Processes Boosts Collections and Reduces A/R

Learn how Health First was able to capture accurate and timely data, engage patients and increase point-of-service collections.

Verify Patient Eligibility, Coverage and Identity

Unlimited insurance eligibility verification checks

  • Connect with payers via X12/270/271 transactions and web portals. Standardized payer response screens provide consistency, while flat fee pricing allows for unlimited eligibility checks during the revenue cycle.
  • Find additional funding for self-pay patients by identifying Medicare, Medicaid and HMO coverage. Help improve collections with detailed benefit eligibility data, such as co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.
  • Appeal claim denials with data extracts of payer eligibility responses. Clearance provides the documentation of patient data, coverage dates, and benefits that you need to file those appeals.

Streamlined financial clearance workflow

  • Access each patient’s complete financial clearance profile in one dashboard. See eligibility details, pre-authorization, medical necessity, bill estimation, point of service collection capabilities, and more.
  • Improve the accuracy of your registration data in real time. Error warnings alert your registrars to issues that can then be corrected early on, helping to reduce the need for manual registration audits.
  • Help reduce duplicate data entry with HIS integration. Payments collected at the point of service post directly to your HIS, and staff can use a browser-based floating toolbar from within your HIS to access Clearance data.

Automated screening and verification

  • Save time with automated pre-authorization. The solution determines if a pre-authorization is required and on file, monitors payers for pending pre-authorization decisions, and updates your HIS with results.
  • Help reduce denials with automated medical necessity checking. The solution creates necessary ABNs and provides content services to confirm comprehensive Medicare compliance.
  • Evaluate patients in need for charity, Medicaid, or other financial assistance, with an online charity screening interview and enrollment form within the normal registration workflow.

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Baton Rouge General Health Improves Point-of-Service Collections with Clearance Patient Access Suite

Baton Rouge General Health in Baton Rouge, Louisiana implemented Clearance Patient Access Suite to manage eligibility verification, help ensure registration data quality, and improve patient financial conversations.

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Better Front-End Processes Boosts Up-Front Collections

Health First in Brevard County, Florida implemented Clearance Patient Access Suite to improve patient access workflows, increase up-front collections, reduce A/R days, and better engage patients.

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Clearance Patient Access Suite

A pre-service financial clearance solution for providers who want to accelerate reimbursement, reduce denials, and optimize workflows from registration through point-of-service collections.